Peter Emms is an Arts Administrator, Practitioner & Composer

As a Composer his music is rooted in personal exploration & expression through solo piano supported in synthetic and orchestral soundscapes.

Energised by a quest for stability, his fascination in the perspective that everything is connected yet nothing bears a handhold stems from countless childhood hours spent isolated in personal soundscapes, observing through headphones, and dreaming of how the air around could be all you ever needed to feel content. This has carried through to his compositions and the spacious synthetic protection offered to his piano’s careful footsteps.

Consistent interests in technology and collaborative activities have at times moved him to explore new artistic fields such as Jazz, Hip-hop, Dance and Orchestral soundtracks. The resulting skills in their application when paired with a natural sense of emotional connection made him a sought after resource for a variety of media where his musical accompaniments guided viewers through another’s experiential narrative and life.

Bringing those same techniques into his focused passion for piano and ethereal soundscapes his most recent collaborations have seen him working with therapists in the healing arts, themselves experts in supportive emotional guidance for individuals seeking returned or enhanced well-being.

Compositionally his perfectionist nature and attention to detail lend themselves well to the philosophical approach that his music should have “no more notes than are absolutely necessary”. Similar minimalistic tendencies can be found in his delight at enchanting subtleties and assurance that a moment is all that’s needed to connect forever.

The careful placement of his piano notes mimics his preference for prudent footsteps and clear direction as an Arts Administrator and Practitioner of Community Workshops. Strong partnerships alongside overtly expressive co-workers for who “there is never too much” and “it can’t happen quickly enough” help create balanced practices.

Currently developing his leadership skills on the Board of Seed Studios; energetic resources are in plentiful supply from the non-profit group of freethinking musicians and activists looking to strengthen their community and build a sustainable and resilient organisation taking good deeds and new institutional foundations out into the community of Trafford, Manchester.

Believing there is much hope in the arts for a perspective shift in authority, the group has a well-developed movement educated in the benefits of community togetherness that simultaneously celebrates individuality through a stronger understanding of personal and group identity. Powered by a work ethic of giving with confidence and knowing it feels good means that funds are tight but enthusiasm and effectiveness remain high.

After all, work doesn’t seem so hard when you like where it might take you.